Wildlife in Maharashtra

Wild life parks in Maharashtra are home for a large number of animals and bird species, like the tiger, Crocodile, Bison, Gawa, Neelgai, Wild Deer, Sambar and rare migratory birds. Maharashtra has taken adequate steps towards setting up many wildlife parks and sanctuaries to protect these regions and promote them as tourist attractions. We have splendid opportunities to see a variety of wildlife in a spectacularly natural setting due to these parks.

Maharashtra is rich in natural beauty and is a paradise for nature lovers. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife parks within the state, having a wide range of vegetation. These wildlife parks are equipped with jeep rides, night safaris, comfortable accommodation and efficient transport. They can turn out to be your favorite holiday destinations. They offer an outstanding opportunity to view animals in their natural habitat. Apart from the existing wildlife sanctuaries, steps are taken by the state government to set up many new sanctuaries and parks.