Melghat Tiger Reserve

Melghat means 'meeting of the ghats' which is just what the area is, a large tract of unending hills and ravines scarred by jagged cliffs and steep climbs. Melghat area was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1974. Presently, the total area of the Reserve is around 1677 km². The core area of the Reserve, the Gugarnal National Park with an area of 361.28 km², and buffer area of the Reserve, the Melghat Tiger Sanctuary with an area of 788.28 km² (of which 21.39 km² is non-forest), were together re-notified by the state government in 1994 as Melghat Sanctuary.Two historic forts called Narnala and Gawilgarh guard the main east-west ridge. In 1803, in the Second Maratha War, Colonel Arthur Wellesley, who later became the Duke of Wellington, captured the Gawilgarh fort from the Marathas. Melghat was an automatic choice when Project Tiger was launched in 1973.

Best time to Visit: January to June.
Location: The Gaurilagarh Hills in Amaravati, Maharashtra.
Main Attraction: Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Beer