Borivli National Park

Mumbai is the only metropolis in the world with 104 sq kms of virgin forest within its borders, just waiting to be explored. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, or as commonly known, the Borivili National Park. A miraculously preserved natural oasis in the heart of an urban sprawl, this park is very much within the city limits, yet far removed from its crowds and clamour.

Borivli is one of the few national parks that can be visited all year round. In the hot, dry summer months the jungle is a riot of colour as gulmohor, flame-of-the-forest and the flowering silk cotton enfold the otherwise brown forest in a crimson blush. Borivli in the rains has a charm of its own. The floor of the forest is a carpet of green. Streams, swollen with rain, tumble over boulder-strewn water courses. The rains draw trekkers, bird-watchers and nature lovers of all ages to this verdant paradise.

The ideal season to visit the National Park is from Nov. to Feb., when temperatures are below 30'C. The relative humidity is always above 60% very often exceeding above 80% during the monsoons.

How to get there?

By Rail: Borivli is a 40 minute train ride from Churchgate Station in South Mumbai.

By road: Borivli is accessible by road. Depending on the traffic, the trip could take around 75 minutes from Churchgate, driving along the Western Express Highway.