Lord Vitthal
Pandharpur hosts the "Kuladivat" of Maharashtra State- Shree Vitthal and Rukmini. It is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Maharashtra. It is located 65 km west of Solapur, on the banks of the river Bhima, which is also known as Chandrabhaga. Well connected by roads to practically every city in Maharashtra, railway track also exists. Pandharpur falls on Miraj-Kurduwadi-Latur track. From Solapur numerous local level transport buses commute to Pandharpur.

This temple, covering a vast area, has a total of six gates. The eastern entrance to this temple is known as the Namdev gate. The sanctum enshrines a standing image of Vithoba. In the temple of Vithoba, 'Pad-Sparsha-Darshan', is a special ceremony. Irrespective of caste any devotee can enter the sanctum sanctorum and can place his/ her head at the feet of Vitthal.
The worship of Vishnu-Vitthala at Pandharpur is derived mainly from the puranas and has been augmented by the contribution of the great Vaishnava saints of Maharashtra and Karnataka from the 13th through the 17th centuries like Dnyaneshwar, Namdev, Sant Eknath, Tukaram, Purandara Dasa, Vijaya Dasa, Gopala Dasa, Jagannatha Dasa, Chokhamela, Janabai and many others.

Four major festivals - Ashadhi, Kartitki, Magh and Chaitra Ekadashis are yearly celebrated. Out of these, Ashadhi and Kartitki Ekadashis attract a crowd of about 8 to 10 lakhs. That is why, Pandharpur is known as the greatest centre of attraction for the masses. The palanquins (Palkhis) of various saints from different locations come together at Wakhri, 5 kilometers away from Pandharpur. And then, the pilgrims take holy bath in river Bhima and usually stand in queues 3km long in order to take "Darshana" of Lord Vitthala.