Nashik Gopdavari river
Nashik is a city in the state of Maharashtra in Western India. It is a city of pilgrimage for many Hindus.
The banks or Ghats on the Godavari at Nashik are considered to be sacred. It is believed that all the Sins are washed out by taking Holy dip in the Kundas (Ponds) constructed in the river. Also by performing the last rites, Moksha is attained by the deseased soul. The river in the Ramkunda (Pond) flow from North to South, hence the river becomes Dakshin Wahini i.e. flowing towards South. This gives the Ramkunda a unique place or religious importance. Almost daily 3 to 5 thousand pilgrims come and take Holy dip on the ghats.

Nashik is 180 kms from Mumbai as well as 200 Km from Pune. There are frequent buses to Nashik from Dadar in Mumbai and Pune station Bus terminus. It takes 4 to 5 hours by road. A train called 'Panchavati' express also plies daily between Mumbai and Nashik. A rented car is the best option to move around the city. There is also a Nashik Darshan bus every day which shows you around the important tourist attractions in Nashik otherwise regional public transport service is also a good option.
It lodges a great diversity of tourist attractions, religious domains and the nature at its bountiful and beautiful best. This land of exquisite grandeur witnessed 14 years of exile suffered by Lord Rama. The Lord spent his years of exile in the forests of this land.

Places to visit

Panchavati, Muktidham, Sundarnarayan Temple, Gondeshwar Temple, Kalaram Temple: in Panchavati
Sita Gufaa: Caves where Ram and Sita worshipped Lord Shiva during their exile. The shivlinga is still present at the same spot.
Ganga Ghat: Ramkunda, Panchavati, Veda Mandir: Trimbak road,
Triambakeshwar: one of the 12 Jyotirlinga's of Lord Shiva, 30 kms from Nasik via Trimbak road.
Pandava leni: Pandav Caves, Nasik Mumbai highway.
Phalke Smarak: Water Park, located at the foot of Pandava Caves.
Jain Mandir: located at Vilholi on Nasik - Mumbai highway.
Bhaktidham: located in Peth Naka.
Sula Wines: Winery offers and wine tasting.
Chambharlena: Dindori road.
Someshwar: Gangapur road.

There are good restaurants all over the city. Coffee Shops/Cafes on College Road. A delightful town, usually bustling with fervent crowds, Nashik is a classic melange of the past and the present. It plays abode to most of the industries located in Maharashtra, including the Security Printing Press of the government, the nation's currency printer. The core of commerce and trade, it was earlier the country's largest market arena. Widely held as the land that produces the maximum varieties of fruits and vegetables, it is rightly labelled as the green belt area.