Kunakeshwar is a small sea-side pilgrimage centre in Devgad taluka of Sindhudurga district in Maharashtra. It is about 6-7 kms from the taluka headquarter. It is famous not only for its scenic beauty, but also for the ancient temple said to have been built by some unknown sea-farer. The temple is of Shiva or Ishwara. It is facing East and the background of the Arabian Sea increases its serene and solemn atmosphere. The village by the same name is typical Maharashtrian konkani village having coconut and betelnut palms in plenty, and so calm and quiet one.

How to go The nearest Railway Station:-Kankavli, on Konkan Railway route. There are regular state transport buses from Devgad. If one wants to avail of air service facility, one has to land at Panaji (Goa) airport and take train to Kankavli.
When to visit The best season is winter i.e.from October to March,when the climate is cool. In summer the climate is hot and due to humidity, may cause uneasiness.

Where to stay
There are some good lodgings available at Kankavli. Private accommodation is also available at Kunakeshwar itself.It is more convenient as well as cheaper than regular lodgings.
Thing to enjoy

Away from the polluted city air,inhalation of serene and cool air will be a matter of enjoyment. The scenic beauty of green mangroves,the gentle ,calm and cool breezes to soothe the tired city lungs,clean golden beach and fine sunshine.

Those who love fish, may find this place a perfect sea-side resort.In summer plenty of world famous alphonso maangoes and Solkadhi to satisfy your desire and thirst for perfect drink. Kokam is another Ayurvedic drink for those who love Indian food and drink instead of Cola or Pepsy.

So visit Kunkeshwar once and you will find yourself fascinated by it.