Mandwa Kihim

Summers would not be complete without having your Goa holiday deals with Travelsoon. This place is really a home to many tourists, both local and foreign as it offers probably one of the best and most beautiful beaches and sceneries in the world.

Just Eleven miles north of Alibag and easily accessible from Mumbai, Mandwa is a beautiful, serene beach.

One can enjoy a long view extending right up to the Gateway of India. with its beautiful of coconut groves Mandwa village has a charm of its own.

One can enjoy wonderful tent holiday, at the nearby Kihim beach.

Unspoilt and isolated, this beautiful place has a soothing effect on all city dwellers. For a nature lover Kihim has lot to offer. Woods are full off thousands of rare species of flowers, butterflies and birds. This was one of favorite retreats of Dr. Salim Ali, a renouned birdwatcher.

Near from the shore is the Kolaba Fort. Just a. 15 kms. from Alibag is Chaul, an historic place where one can spot Portuguese ruins, Buddhist caves, the Hamam Khana, a church, a temple and even a synagogue.

Getting there: The nearest railhead is Pen, 85 kms. by road, Kihim is 136 kms. from Mumbai. The distance by sea between Gateway of India and Mandwa (Rewas) is 10 nautical miles.