In the beginning of the seventeenth century Bassein used to be a place for ship-building. It was here that the Marathas besieged the Portuguese in 1739.

Hidden by brushwood and palm groves, the ruins of the Portuguese Fort still stand here. It's 10 kms. to the north-west lies Nalasopara village, the capital of the Konkan.

Nalasopara is believed to have been Gautama Buddha's birthplace in one of his previous life. Many Buddhist relics were discovered here.

To the north of Nalasopara is the the Agar of Bassein.

One can visit Vajreshwari temple and Akloli hot springs which are at about an hour by bus from Bassein station.

Also, worth watching is Ganeshpuri with the Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj Samadhi Mandir, the Bhimeshwar temple and the other ashrams.

There are several beautiful churches in Bassein, a reminder of the Portuguese presence.

Getting there: Bassein Road, on Western Railway, is the nearest railhead.

By road, Bassein is 77 kms. along the Mumbai- Ahmedabad highway.