Panchgani is named after the five hills around it. At an altitude of 1330 m it is just 40 m below Mahabaleshwar. These 35m lead to a breathtaking 18 km approach, that swoops around bends, offering outstanding views of the River Krishna on one side and the coastal plains on the other.

Temperatures vary from 15°C in winter to 35°C in summer, with an annual rainfall of 215 cm.


Panchagani is the perfect residential hill-station, with the Raj marked ineradicably all over it. It can be seen in the architecture of the old British buildings. The Parsi houses and the boarding schools of the area have been around for a century or more.

For glimpses of a vanished era, one must visit to some of the old British and Parsi houses. Saunter along the walkways, thickly covered by lush trees and vegetation.

Things to Enjoy:

The Krishna, running through tiny hamlets, farms and ravines, hundreds of meters below. Must visit is the Table Land, a flat mountain peak and relish your eyes on the coastal plains, looking like miniature water colors.

Pick a horse from one of the numerous stables and canter along unexplored routes through hidden lovers' lanes, to the caves and Kamalgadh Fort.

Panchagani is the one of those rare places that doesn't crowd anyone, yet in its own dawdling way deeply touches every visitor.

Transport Facility:

Taxis are easily available, bicycles (and horseback) are recommended for traveling long distances.

When to Visit:

September to May is the best time to visit.

Getting there:

Pune 98 km away, is the nearest airport and the most convenient railhead. Panchgani via Mahad is 266 km. There is another route to this beautiful place via Pune.