Lonawala, Khandala and Karla

Lonawala and Khandala are two delightful little hill stations on the western slopes of the Sahyadris, 5.5 kms. apart, situated between Mumbai and Pune, at an altitude of 620 m.

They are quite popular as health resort, there are a number of sanatoria spreading across the hills in the towns.

Khandala is smaller and calmer of the two. But, taking a stroll through Lonawala's market could yield some wonderful surprises. Both towns offer picturesque views of the surrounding hills. In the monsoon, with a myriad waterfalls, it is really worth visiting.


Karla is a quiet place situated at about 13 kms. from Lonawala, It is the site of the largest Chaitya caves in India, built in 89 B.C. It is amongst the best-preserved Buddhist temples in India. They represent the peak, in terms of design purity, of this style of temple architecture.