Kille Torna

Prachandagad, also called Torna Fort, is situated near Pune. The word "Prachanda" means "huge" and "gad" means fort in marathi, which undoubtedly means that this fort is vast and stretches on for many miles. The Torna is located at a very high altitude and it takes an average of three hours to get to the top from the foothills of the Sahyadri mountains on which the fort is situated. Today, Torna is one of the most frequented haunts among explorers of all levels of enthusiasm. It is located just 65 km from Pune.

Torna was the first fort conquered by Shivaji Maharaj after he vowed for swaraj at Raireshwar. He put the garland (Called Toran in Marathi) of his first victory on this fort and therefore the name - Torna.
Torna gives a very beautiful view of some of the big and important forts around- like, Sinhagad, Rajgad and Raigad.

The main parts of the forts are:

  • Konkan Darwaja
  • Zunjar Machi
  • Mengai Goddess temple
  • Kothi Darwaja
  • Sadar
  • Budhla Machi
  • Toranjai Goddess temple

Best time to visit

Rock climbing is best done during winter and early summers. Avoid the journey during monsoons when the path becomes dangerous due to mud and slippery rocks.

Getting There

Starting from Pune, preferably early in the morning is the best option. From Swargate Bus stand in Pune board any bus to the village of Velhe. way to Torna starts from here and is quite straight. Ask local help for the way. A walk of couple of hours leads to the "Bini Darwaaja", the main entrance to the fort.The way to top is moderate to difficult with some precautions to be taken in rainy season.

State Transport buses are available from Swargate bus stand at a frequency of about 1 hour. The last bus back to Pune is at around 6:00PM, so you may plan your climb down accordingly.
Torna is 76 kms northwest of Kolhapur. State transport buses ply regularly from Kolhapur, Ratnagiri and Belgaum.