The cave temples and monasteries at Ellora are excavated out of the vertical face of an escarpment. They are 26 kms. north of Aurangabad. They extend in a linear arrangement. The 34 caves contain Buddhist Chaityas, or halls of worship, and Viharas, or monasteries, Hindu and Jian temples.

Spanning across 600 years between the 5th and 11th century AD, the earliest excavation here is of the Dhumar Lena. The most magnificent excavation is that of the Kailasa Temple (Cave 16) which is the largest single monolithic structure in the world. Interestingly, Ellora, unlike the site of Ajanta, was never 'rediscovered'. It was known as Verul in ancient times. It has continuously attracted pilgrims through the centuries to the present day.

Ellora has been designated as a World Heritage Site, to be preserved as an artistic legacy that will continue to inspire of generations to come.