Warali Paintings

Warli Paintings are very famous in Maharashtra. These are the tribal wall paintings of the warli tribes of Thane district, situated in north of Mumbai. These paintings are a part of their tradition and are painted by the women folk during wedding rituals, using rice paste and straw. After the painting is complete it is smeared on the walls of their huts. Womenfolks mainly do the paintings on the mud walls of the houses. Warli painting, which is compared similar to the famous Madhubani paintings of Bihar. Now, these paintings are also done on paper and is available almost everywhere in India.

The Warli paintings are made on religious themes. They are painted in white on an austere brown surface decorated with occasional dots in red and yellow. Men, animals and trees form a loose, rhythmic pattern across the entire sheet of a Warli painting. Warli paintings generally depict the normal life like images of human beings and animals, along with scenes from daily life. They also depict hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting scenes. Only white colour is used for creation of these paintings, with occasional dots in red and yellow. This colour is prepared by grounding rice into white powder.