Mashroo Himroo

Aurangabad is famous for Mashroo and Himroo fabrics. Himroo is also known as kum khuab. It is a distinctive, luxurious fabric, once used as dress material by the nobles of the olden days. These two types of fabrics are made of cotton and silk having a shine like satin. Himroo shawls are less expensive and are made by using both silk and cotton threads with special loom.
The original form is made of silver and gold, and the threads of silver and gold were so fine that the final cloth is appeared like gold cloth.

These threads help in producing beautiful multi-colored designs on these shawls. The actual ornamental design is formed on the principle of extra weft figuring. The Himroo shawl is very soft, which almost feels like silk. Weavers were brought to Aurangabad from Banaras and Ahmedabad by Mohamed-bin-Tughlak and thus the Himroo industry started. But a workshop in Aurangabad's Zaffar gate is continuing the conventional style of hand weaving. The workshop also maintains a show room to showcase these products. One can see and shop Himroo shawls and sarees here. Mashroo fabrics are known due to their bold patterns and colours.