Kolhapuri Chappals

Kolhapur district in Maharashtra is famous for leather chappals and sandals. Kolhapuri sandals and chappals are hand-made. These hand-made leather chappals are famous for their simple style and quality of leather and different designs and comfort.

The cost of the these sandals and chappals may differ depending upon the quality of leather and designs used. They are definitely worth buying. In Kolhapur some places like Papachi tikti (chappal line), Bhausingji Road, Mahadwar and Shivaji roads are known for its good variety of Kolhapuri chappals and other leather goods. 'Shetakari Bazar' is the best place to shop and is located in 'Bhavain Mandap'.

Abhyankar's 'Aaram' footwear

Abhyankar's Aaram footwear is a world famous brand and known for its best quality, durable chappals, sandals, slippers and shoes. Abhyankar have also opened up an outlet in Pune on demand. These chappals are used world wide and the brand is so famous and familiar all over the world that the 'Abhyankar's footwear' is recognized only in a quick look !